[SOLD] Selling Pfsense 1u router build, UDM pro & Ubiquiti 24 port switch

I have 2 items for sale.

1 custom built 1u rack mountable pfsense router [SOLD]
1 UDM pro
1 Ubiquiti 24 port switch

Item 1 (SOLD))
Item 2 ($325)
Item 3 ($150)

  • details 1 - This was custom built using one of the guides here. I spent more money on the build than what i’m asking for, but that’s okay.
  • details 2 - I bought ubiquiti stuff for my network, but I’m not too fond of it.
  • details 3 - I bought ubiquiti stuff for my network, but I’m not too fond of it.

** All of the equipment works fine, I’m just going in a different direction with my network stuff.
Local pick up is preferred, but if buyer is willing to pay for shipping then I’ll ship it.

Pf cli Pf rear unit Pf unit ubiquiti net

Can I get the model number on the 24 port switch?

It says US-24 on the box.

The pfsense build has been sold locally and I have reduced the price on both Ubiquiti products to get rid of them. The prices posted are only for local pick up. They do not include shipping.

its the first-gen switch the SPF’s are 1gig, not the 10gig that the Pro version of the switch has. But that is still a good price for that switch.

What was the issue that you had with the DMP(Dream Machine Pro) beside the ports on it having a shared 1gig backplane that should really only be used for Unifi cameras?

I didn’t have any issues with it, I’m more of a cisco guy and like the cisco equipment better. I did get the dmp to have it handle all of my cameras, but I didn’t like their proprietary locks. Ubiquiti just wasn’t for me.

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