[SOLD] PNY GTX 1070 8GB XLR8 Gaming Overclocked Edition VCGGTX10708XGPB-OC (triple fan design)

This is a BIG BOI! Got a new case, card doesn’t fit cause it is a super long, a full 293 mm. So make sure it will fit in your case. Works great and has only been used at stock settings or and not used for mining.

This is the PNY XLR8 OC Gaming Edition triple fan version (VCGGTX10708XGPB-OC) that comes with a stock Core Clock of 1607MHz not the Standard PNY OC Card (VCGGTX1070XGPB-OC-BB) that has a 1518MHz Core Clock.

$255 Shipped CONUS. Venmo preferred.


Sold to CubanRay

Claimed and paid for over DMs

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