[SOLD] NK1.0 parts

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I started down the road of building an NK1.0 NAS, but was tempted by the evil Dell R510 prebuilts instead. So now I have the following:

  • Rosewill L4000 case with added 4x3.5" bay module for 12x3.5" bays
  • SuperMicro X8SIL-F motherboard
  • Xeon X3470 CPU
  • 4x4GB RAM
  • Dell H200 HBA flashed to Dell IT mode.

I don’t have the SATA breakout cables or power supply.
Ideally I’d like to sell the combo for $80 local (49684 or 49504), or $100 shipped.

Is this still available?

Yes, all the parts are still available.

Everything for $100 shipped?

Yes. As posted, does not include SATA breakout cables, power splitters, or power supply.

If that works for you, yes $100 shipped.

Would like to purchase, sent you a message with paypal information.