[SOLD] Kingston 8GB PC3-10600R DDR3 ECC RDIMMS

Kingston 8GB PC3-10600R DDR3-1333MHz ECC Reg-DIMM KTM-SX313/8G
Product Info/Specs: Kingston and Newegg

I have 12x of these for sale, all have been pulled from my working server. Nothing wrong with any of them, I have upgraded my server to use 32GB sticks so these are no longer needed.

Wanting to sell in min sets of 2.

Accept PayPal only, via friends and family or I can do PayPal invoice for an extra 3%.

Asking $20 per set of two sticks ($10 each) shipped to con-US, If you want shipped internationally you will need to pay shipping.

Can find me on discord or on the forums here for more info.
D4M4EVER Discord contact

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I have a Supermicro X9SCL…can anyone confirm if this memory will work for it? Not sure if there is a big difference…specs say UDIMMS and not RDIMMS.

Currently using 1 stick of 8gb Crucial CT102472BD160B 1.35v udimm DDR3-1600…I have had my eyes open for a good deal on another one just like it but haven’t found one cheap enough for me to pull the trigger.

Sorry this RAM will not work on your board, you can use only UDIMM ram not the RDIMM.

UDIMM = Unregistered
RDIMM = Registered

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All sold to Toomin on discord.

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