[SOLD] E5-2695 v3, 4x8GB Samsung 2133MHz ECC DDR4, Asus Z10PC-D8/SAS

I got these from another user on here. I’m upgrading so looking to sell everything as a bundle. I’m trying to get $350 OBO shipped.

E5-2695 v3, 14C, 28T @ 2.3/3.3GHz

4x8GB Samsung 2133MHz ECC DDR4

Asus Z10PC-D8/SAS Dual LGA 2011 V3 With on board LSI 3008 SAS3 12Gbps controller

Pictures with timestamps:

Hey, I’m interested. Does this include the mobo, cpus, and ram? What about the CPU coolers?


If you’d like me to include them I’ll throw them in for an extra $10 since I’ll need to ship in a bigger box.

Let me know what happens I might be your second if it doesn’t work,

I agreed to purchase this from @Turbo on Nov. 12th, and sent the money that day. Seller stated he would “try and get it shipped by Friday.” Since then I’ve been told that the seller, @Turbo, doesn’t actually have the product, but it’s actually someone else who has it and was going to ship it. So far I’m still waiting for that to happen. He has blamed that other person a couple times, and that other person has now blamed first the post office and now Turbo, but AFAIK there hasn’t been anything shipped yet. Not sure how long people usually wait, but I’m thinking of reaching out to PayPal because I haven’t seen anything that makes me think I’m not being screwed, here.

(screenshots available for @moderators if requested)

@dovy6 Ask for a refund through PayPal immediately.

@Turbo selling items you do not have is against the rules here. I expect you to resolve this very quickly.

Well, took an extra week, and seemed super fishy doing so, but in the end everything came and seems to be working just fine.


Glad there was at least a decent outcome.

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