[SOLD] DELL 4TB SAS with Caddy

12 - Dell Constellation ES.3
P/N - 9ZM270
Model - ST4000NM0023
Caddy included

25$ each plus shipping… trades welcome for a SuperMicro X9DRD-7LN4F-JBOD 7LN4F

I have an old R515 that i had been using for my PLEX server for a while. Bad news is that the RAID card in this does not pass SMART disk info to the OS so i am not able to pull up that information.

Ah bummer, no SMART info. Do I risk it and scoop up 3? $25 is pretty darn cheap…hmmmm let me think.

Yea i wish i had a card that i could use to pull that up… they are all good, but i dont know the hours

I’ll take 4. Can you PM me your PayPal info?

I did find that i have an extra LSI card that i have not installed yet. I put it into the R515 and i think i can do JBOD and look up the disk specs… i have not done that before so i was not sure if you knew of a util that i can install/boot from thumb drive that will pull up the disk smart data?

I’ll take 4 if you have any left!

If you have any I’d be interested.

Any left?

Hey Everyone… Thank you for the interest. All 12 drives have been sold.

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