Smart switch questions

Hi all. I’m getting my house smarter via the Google products and those products compatible with Google. I have minis, a Hub Max, a Nest, some plugs that don’t need a bridge (C by GE), etc. I love being able to say “hey google do X” and it just works.

I’d like to start buying smart switches for my lights and ceiling fans. I have a few issues that I can’t seem to resolve though. For example, my living room switch is three part: light switch for the ceiling fan light, rotating ceiling fan speed, hallway light. And my hallway light has two other switches in the hallway (one single, one double tied to the front porch lights). My bedroom is a two switch: ceiling fan lights and ceiling fan speed rotating knob.

My question is: do smart switches exist for these scenarios? The thing throwing me off is the ceiling fan rotating knob. I can’t seem to find a smart switch with three switches in it either. So, any help is appreciated.