Seeking Guidance On Supermicro Servers!


I’m hoping the community can provide me some guidance on what to do with two Supermicro servers I was given. I’m leaning towards selling them as they are but would consider salvaging them for parts to create another server for Proxmox. They’re both Supermicro (sku AS-2022G-URF) servers and if I did decide to sell, what should I ask for them at this stage in the game? Prices online have been all over the place! The link provided will give some more information if needed → 2022G-URF | 2U | A+ Servers | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc.

Basic specs for both:

  • 64 gigs of ram
  • 1 TB 7200k HDD
  • 1x 720W Power Supply
  • Dual AMD Opteron 6000 series processors 4-Core

Thanks in advance!