Seagate External 14tb for $200

Seagate 14tb external shuckable for $200

  • Adorama and BHPhoto both have a Seagate 14tb shuckable drive for $200. $14.28/TB. Almost as low as the 14TB WD drives on Black Friday. These apparently shuck to IronWolf Pros.

$ 200

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A :bird: tells me that Bitdeals will have HGST HC530 SATA 14TB for the same price or cheaper very, very soon.


As soon as I posted I went to bitdeals to see what they had in stock.
I will eagerly await the new stock to come in at bitdeals!

Please let it be after we get the stimulus check.

is it worth waiting for the bitdeals HDDs? they are refurbished and the seagates would be new. thoughts?

The HGST drives are far superior and should be pretty close to new, as they are recent/current model drives.