Replacement case for ultra-quiet plus build?

Hi all, new prospective server builder here.
I’ve been acquiring parts for the ultra-quiet plus build (with the intent to keep expanding/using this build as long as I can in the future), but looks like the case suggested (Silverstone KL04B) is out of stock on Amazon and Ebay.

Any suggestions for another good case, compatible with the rest of the build, with good future expansion capabilities? (currently going to start with 4 drives and add more later)

Thanks in advance!

I’d just wait for that case to come back in stock, it’s a really good case…

I’m hearing from multiple direct sellers that the KL04B and KL04B-W have been discontinued. Contacting the manufacturer about it and trying to find an alternative now…

FYI, the case isn’t super important when it comes to making a build “ultra-quiet.” It’s mostly down to the CPU cooler(s) and fans. I’ve had really good experiences with the N400, especially when it comes to making a quiet PC.

Sad to hear about the Silverstone case though.

N400 is where I landed as well - similar price point and general form factor. KL04B was a stellar case for this re drive bays etc, RIP

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