Refurbished: WP Arsenal 12TB SATA 6Gb/s 7200 RPM 3.5" DAS Enterprise Hard Drive - $139.99 ($11.67/TB)

Water Panther 12TB SATA HDD for enterprise DAS.

Direct from factory and recertified to perform like new condition. Additionally, this disk has been burn-in tested with a full sector scan to ensure no bad sectors and faster deployment times. Service end of life configurations that don’t require 5-year duration timelines or mix in with factory-sealed drives to lower total cost of ownership.

  • 12TB SATA HDD designed for direct-attached-storage (DAS) systems
  • Water Panther Arsenal drives deliver consistent and responsive transfers
  • Optimized for heavy workloads—3x that of NAS drives
  • Drop-in ready for mainstream JBOD, disk shelf, and multi-bay RAID arrays
  • Connect directly and utilize low latency hardware for upmost performance
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty, from point of purchase
  • Conventional magnetic recording (CMR) storage technology for uniform disk write performance
  • Ships in 512-byte format, reformattable for 4096b arrays
  • Rated for at least 500TB a year workload rating, amount of disk writes have no effect on RMA warranty
  • 256MB cache buffer optimized for consistent response times and offloads repetitive transfers such as data event logging
  • At least 235MB/s sustained transfer speeds with hot data burst rates 680MBps+


Might have to pick up some to test.

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how was the test

Hello @Water_Panther - hope you are well.

I saw that the Reddit Community has some opinions about yourself and drives. See link here:

They claim that you sell your drives in this manner:

He sells recycled drives with SMART data wiped as “recertified”, blatantly shilled his store, didn’t want to even name which manufacturer the drives are. Not really a scam but he could sell you a drive with pending or bad sectors and you would only realize that if you test it properly of when you lost some data.
(Link to comment)

I understand how sensitive online communities can be. Do you mind enlightening us on the comments regarding how you process SMART drive reports and what the original manufacturer of the drives are?


Sure, we offer multi-vendor drives similar to that of server integrators. Integrators do this for various reasons, a big part is the supply chain because handling time could be months out if you have to kit together dozens of components. This provides the benefit of us offering parts that aren’t found typically, there’s a whole world of storage out there besides the main “12TB” on a variation that’s been around for years on regular etail platforms, there’s actually dozens of options which wouldn’t go through typical distribution channels at all. Just imagine a computer store with three dozen options for an external drive, it would be confusing for client-tier users. We service business customers first and foremost that need storage to which no field replacement unit is readily available. There’s many nuances when it comes to storage, from locked low level formatting, to different interface revisions, a whole spew of compatibility issues that is not easily parsed from a customer’s standpoint.

Water Panther for the most part sells factory recertified devices. This hardware could be repurposed or refurbished, and although we do test ourselves, the original recertification is done by the factory which has special diagnostic tools and hardware for fixing firmware, controllers, and so on.
The new-condition options would be warrantied through us, this is another nuance which separates what a brand vs. original manufacturer provides.

Hey so recently u/waterpantherstorage had a giveaway and I won a 12TB arsenal drive. Here is my review.

TL;DR the drive seems fine. It acts like a normal 7200 rpm drive of it’s class. Subjectively, it’s pretty quiet. in my case with a few other hard drives I can’t really hear any additional noise.

And for waterpanther in general, this drive acts like a normal seller-refurbished drive in it’s class. In other words, the warranty is through Water Panther not the original OEM.
Note also that water panther’s physical operation is shared with and the Amazon marketplace seller “Tech on Tech”.

The drive itself seems to be a Seagate Exos 12TB, based off the serial number on the edge (probably a x18 version). Note that this is NOT the same serial that the firmware shows. However, a couple of year ago someone on servethehome reported the firmware serial as all zeroes. So this having a real serial number is probably an improvement.

Openmediavault lists it as /srv/dev-disk-by-id-ata-OOS12000G_00044Z9H-part1

The SMART stats listed some values for total amount read and written, but it seems like gibberish to me so I don’t know if it indicates any prior usage before being refurbished.

I’m in the process of copying data right now. I get to retire a old 4TB drive, and shift a 8TB drive to external backup duty.

Obviously, since the drive seems fine, I haven’t needed to test WP’s RMA service.

That’s all can think of, AMA!

Some other discussions that were high on google search:


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I did not know Waterpanther works with - I love them! They have always been very good to me and have great drives

Touche’ WaterPanther <3

Hey! I used to live in El Cajon! Moved up to Murrietta 2 years ago.

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