Questions // building my own NAS/HomeServer/MediaServer

Hello Everyone,

I need your support and your advice.
NAS is new territory for me to explore.

So far I have only worked with external hard disks connected to my devices.
This can no longer go on like this, because my data can no longer be handled by external hard disks (managing multiple TBs externally is slowly becoming too complicated).

The variety of NAS solutions literally killed me and after seeing the prices, I decided to build my own system as a project.

Here on, on the net, on Youtube and reddit there is an infinite amount of information.
This amount of information is overwhelming, so I don’t really know where to start.

Therefore I turn to you!

I have created a list of requirements that my system should bring with it. It would be great to get your recommendations, build tutorials, kit overviews to implement my project.
You can also send me information to build my background knowledge and basics.


Initial situation:

  • 2x 4k TV in the network via LAN
  • 1x PC QHD (21:9) in the network via LAN
  • 1x Notebook HD in network via WLAN
  • in most cases direct-play of videos (no transcoding until now)
  • 4x 6TB WB Red

Requirements list:

  • Plex
  • maybe Nextcloud (documents)
  • DataStorage (videos/images)
  • DataSharing (internal)
  • small form factor (Fractal/Synology/WD)
  • quiet (will be in the living room)
  • Energy efficient
  • must-have: 4 Bay (price & form factor)
  • nice-to-have: 6 Bay (price & form factor)
  • preferably hot-swap capable
  • transcoding for a device*
  • easy to use at home for playback and storage of data
  • price under Synology and WB (best cost-efficient)


  • Am I able to outperform Synology DS418 or DS918+ / WD My Cloud Ex4100?
  • *What difference does it make in price if I want this?
  • Should I use OpenMediaVault, FreeNAS or Unraid?
  • Or if I want to use in the future nextcloud a UbuntuServer based system?

Some Links:

Thank you very much for your support/help!

Best regards,