Plex Server Build 2020

Hello Folks,
I am trying to build a plex server and i have a NAS which i copy files from SFTP (server is on internet) server onto NAS. NAS is synology. My purpose of this server should be able to stream plex on to my firestick 4k and apple tv 4k. 4-5 people access the server. I also would like to have the capability of 4k , i always direct play. It will be on 24/7. For 4k as long as i can stream at my home thats fine as well.

Also important thing is i want speeds while copying the files from the SFTP to the NAS and plex streaming shouldnt be impacted, what are the changes i need to make to the build if needed.

Hello, and welcome!

I would highly recommend instead looking at an Intel based build, like the OTiS. It can leverage QuickSync for Plex transcoding, leaving the CPU free to perform other tasks.

Also, FWIW PC Parts Picker is generally a hinderance when searching for used (and more obscure) parts, most of us just use google sheets instead. You can copy directly from google sheets into the forum to make a table as well.

so my NAS is ds918+ and here is what i found on the plex website, trying to understand something. Is hardware transcoding something people select on purpose and otherwise its always software transcoding?? so in order to meet the standards for the files mentioned in hardware transcoding in the table hardware transcoding has to be enabled?? so without selecting hardware transcoding the files wont play correct? Because it has NO in the software transcoding.

I have a plex pass