Plex Server and desktop website won't connect

I am not too tech savy. I will do my best to relay the information as accurately as possible. My windows recently crashed and failed. I had to do a big reset where it deleted all my apps and preferences but kept my files. So I went to re-download the PMS. Once I finAppvn shed the download and open PMS it just takes me to a grey page that says plex. My serve will not log in . I have tried deleting PMS and reintalling it. Same thing happens. I can log in on my desktop but it doesn’t even recognize the server. I tried a few things, somehow in the many things I tried from other posts on the plex community forum, I have got the server to log in. However if I try and claim it, I get the same grey screen that just says plex. I am not sure what to do. SHAREit

Wipe the appdata folder and reinstall.