pfSense 1U Rack Build Complete

Since my prev post was one of those lost to the “rollback” I’ll repost.
This is a 1U rack mount build based on JDM’s and COZisBack’s parts. I will list what I used with price and where I sourced it from. Build pics will follow. The WiFi network card is optional if you already have AP’s or just want to re-purpose your existing router.

Type Part Price Source
CPU INTEL i5-3470T 2.90GHz $22.99 eBay
Motherboard Intel DQ77KB Mini ITX LGA1155 Motherboard w/ IO Shield $50.00 eBay
CPU Cooler Silverstone Tek NT07-115X Super Slim Profile CPU Cooler $24.99 eBay
Case Fans 2 x Noctua NF-A4x20 PWM $29.90 Amazon
RAM 4GB (2x2GB) Micron SO-DIMM PC3-12800 DDR3 Laptop Memory (MT8JTF25664HZ-1G6M1) $8.10 eBay
SSD TCSUNBOW mSATA Mini PCIe 60GB $19.99 Amazon
Network Card Dell YT674 H092P HM9JY D99232 PRO/1000VT Quad Port Gigabit Server Card FP $20.00 eBay
Riser Card Extension PCI-Express PCI-E 4X Slot Riser Card Flexible Ribbon Extension Cable $7.74 eBay
WiFi Network Card Intel AX200 network card WiFi 6 802.11ax/ac 2.4/5G MU-MIMO Bluetooth 5.0 Antenna $16.90 eBay
Case iStarUSA D Value D-118V2-ITX 1U Rackmount Mini-ITX Server Chassis $38.68 Amazon
Power Supply HP 677777-003 AC ADAPTER 90W $19.99 eBay
Total $259.28


Nice, compact build!

I really like it. I think I’m going to do something like this also, but I’d like to build it with a Ryzen CPU. Any advice on what horsepower would be necessary for my Gigabit Fiber? I plan on doing traffic shaping using TC, and probably gonna run the linux.

you want to make a pfSense router based off a ryzen cpu? That would be a very overkill router.

For gigabit fiber action, you could get by with a Celeron, like the $100 HP box people have been snatching up like crazy.

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That’s much cheaper than I expected. Also good to know. I do have some picky requirements, like being able to do traffic shaping and stuff. My current router is a Mikrotik RB800. Thanks for the info!