Passive cooling with the Xeon 1260L?

Hey y’all, I’m currently planning to build a NAS Killer v4.0, specifically the exact Mini-ITX build described on the guide page and was wondering whether passive cooling ( would be sufficient for cooling a Xeon 1260L? I know the cooler is rated for up to 47W and the Xeon is 45, but I’m curious to hear thoughts about real world application. I’d love to go with a fanless cooler (for the silence) but wonder whether it’s feasible with this processor in this mini-ITX build or if I’m better off with the headroom provided by a Freezer 12. Thanks in advance!

You can always get an oversized tower cooler like the Hyper212 black and run it fanless.

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Perfect, thanks! One other question. The 120W power supply you linked is almost sold out (I know I could find others) but the seller also has a 90W PSU. Do you think that would be sufficient for 3 drives and an external optical drive?

I think the 90W would be OK. Personally I would feel more comfortable with anything over 115W.

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