[Official] serverbuilds.net Rust Game Server Info

Server name: serverbuilds.net

  • Casual 5x Gather
  • Monthly wipe
  • Mods listed below

This server is a casual 5x gather rate, with some mods installed. The intent is to reduce grind time (for us working class) and also ease in newer players. Some variables have been tweaked and features enabled via mods. Things are still a work in progress, but most of the to do list is complete. The loot tables (barrels & crate drops) are mostly set but still being fine tuned as we play to find the best config. Thanks @manbearpig2012 & @benkone1414 for extensive play testing. Big thanks to @JDM_WAAAT for hosting!

:map: LiveMap: http://playrust.io/map/?illestmedia.net:28015

:point_right: To Join: Click here

To join manually (click me)

Press F1 in game and type into the console:
client.connect illestmedia.net:28015

Or search serverbuilds.net in the server browser

Modifications / to do list so far:

Click to expand!
+ = Complete / Fine Tuning
- = Incomplete

+ 5x Gather
+ Auto Auth / Sharing (Command: /autoauth
+ Auto Doors (Command: /ad)
+ Auto Locks (Command: /al)
+ Backpacks (Command: /backpack)
+ Better Loot (WIP)
+ Bgrade (Auto build to grade 1=wood, 2=stone, etc. Command: /bgrade)
+ No Blueprints / No Workbench
+ Clans (Command: /clan)
+ Clans Auto Teams
+ Death Notes
+ Discord Death Notes
+ Discord Rich Presence (Number of Players Active)
+ Friendly Fire on/off (Default on for teams, Command: /ff)
+ Furnace Splitter (Splits Stacks Optimally for Smelting)
+ Help Info (Command: /help)
+ Higher Stacks
+ Instant Craft
+ No Decay
+ NPC Weapon Drops (Scientists drop their guns when killed)
+ Private Messages (Command: /pm)
+ Quick Smelt (5x speed)
+ Remover Tool (Command: /remove)
+ RustIO Livemap 
+ Server Info Panel (Active & sleeping players, heli, cargo, chinook event info hud)
- Set Default Loadouts
+ Signs (Command looking at a sign: /SIL)
+ Teleportation (1 hour cooldown, Cmmands: /home, /sethome, /removehome, /tpr)
+ Time of Day (60 minute day / 15 minute night length)
+ Trade (Command: /trade)
+ Voteday (Night Skip Command: /voteday)

Please feel free to provide suggestions and feedback in this forum thread!