[Official] HP ProDesk 400 G4 SFF Owner's Thread

Ordered the ProDesk 400 G4! A 256GB M.2 SSD should be sufficient? I’m planning to run Ubuntu on it, I have say about 10TB of media in my plex library…

Yep, so long as you’re not doing preview thumbnails, that size should be good.


I’m looking to get one of these to replace my Plex server, and I have some novice questions:

  1. How do I decide which linux operating system to use?

  2. Would the Plex database reside on the Prodesk, or on my NAS?

  3. If the database is on the Prodesk, do I need to worry about backing it up? If so, what’s the best way to do that?

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  1. Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS is recommended.
  2. Plex database lives on the NVMe SSD on the ProDesk, along side the OS.
  3. I don’t think you need to be worried about backing it up automatically. You could do it manually every few months if you wanted to.
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Ubuntu 20.04.1 desktop edition is the current recommendation, but you could also use Ubuntu server if you’re familiar with the terminal. Check out JDM’s guide here for a walkthrough on configuring your NAS as well as your new Prodesk. All of the Plex data will be on the Prodesk, and backing it up is optional. You could potentially set something up like timeshift if you wanted to configure an automatic backup.


I’m officially in the club now! Prodesk 400 is up and running with a 512GB NVMe. Ubuntu 20.04.1 desktop OS, and Plex is humming along transcoding my VC-1 files with ease!

I have to say, as much as I came to hate HP for their inkjets, these Prodesk models have won me over. I now have the 400 G4 and the 600 G4 mini. They perform great, they are quiet, and they look great!

Thanks again to JDM and everyone here for all the support!

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I would like to do this with my G4. Anyone aware of a good step/step walkthrough for a novice?

Ultimately wanting a dedicated machine for all the downloading/whatnot that would then speak to my dedicated Plex Server and my dedicated NAS.
Thinking it would probably have Radarr/Sonarr/Jacket/etc. all in there as well if that makes sense?


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No responses to this so I’ll break it out a bit more… Lots of questions!!!


  1. Download with dedicated Seed box
  • Use Transmission with PIA always on
  1. Store files on dedicated NAS
  2. Transcribe/watch/transmit files with dedicated Plex
  3. Have all this done safely through dedicated pfsense box


  • HP Prodesk 400 G4: Plex Transcoder (Ubuntu with Plex)
  • HP Prodesk 400 G4: Torrent seed box (Ubuntu with Portainer)
  • NAS K5.0: Storage (unraid)
  • HP 730: pfsense (snort/pfblockerNG)

** I have followed the steps to mount the nfs files. Ex: /mnt/nfs/movies

I “believe” I have all the different machines up and running, but I have not been able to get them to talk. Ex: Torrent seed box will not download to NAS and NAS will not connect to Plex Transcoder.

A few example questions: (I am using the walkthrough from Techno Dad. There might be better out there)

In Portainer:
Setting up Stacks
Transmission: What do I put as the volumes location? I would want them to go to the NAS right?

  • For all the dockers, I believe that I have to have matching puid and guid’s? This would be for all the machines? I.e. Transcoder must be 1000 100, NAS 1000 100, Seed box 1000 100???

Anytime I am asked what my “local network” is do I put my pfsense IP? Same for DNS?


Volumes for containers: What do I put to get them to go to my NAS? (this example is radarr)

In the actual containers:
Transmission: What do I put as the download location. Again, thinking this would be my NAS but not sure how to write it out.
In Radarr:
What IP do I use for the Host in downloads? My Transmission IP? My seed box? My pfsense? My NAS?

Do I need a Root folder for Media Management? What would it be?

Do I also put this root folder here when trying to download something?

In pfsense:
DNS resolver: Is this setup correctly?

Lastly, in Plex.
I assume that I use the same locations that were hopefully provided in earlier questions to see all of this? I have done all the mounting steps for transcoding. Can you give an example???

Then there is obviously anything I missed!!!

I know it’s a lot and I feel like I’ve done my homework, but most tutorials assume you know the basics which unfortunately I do not.

Appreciate the help in advance.


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Grabbed one of these, but with the weaker Pentium G4400 CPU. I’m going to be using this to replace my current pfSense box. I mainly bought this for the form factor, since my current pfSense box is 17x14x7in and this ProDesk 400 G4 is 11.7x10.6x3.7in. This ProDesk is less than a THIRD in size compared to my existing pfSense box.


I’m finally getting around to building my little server, and my machine seemingly won’t boot. It turns on for 0.5-1s and then turns off again, and seemingly will stay on so long as the power button is pressed, but powers down as soon as it’s released. It’s not possible that removing the PS2COMM cable and card, or not having a HDD/SDD plugged in via SATA is causing this, right? I’ve played with hardware before, but never really needed to troubleshoot hardware in this way.

No, I’ve ran my G4 without a hard drive without problem. Have you tried clearing the CMOS? I think these motherboards have an easy to use CMOS clear button.

@JDM_WAAAT what NICs have you tested with these machines? I have tried two Intel PRO/1000 Quad Port cards but I’m having trouble with pfSense using them. I have a i340-T2 on order, but I’m curious if it’s something I’m doing wrong, something with pfSense, or with the NICs themselves.

I haven’t use a ProDesk 400 G4 as a router, but you may be running into SMBUS issues.

@JDM_WAAAT How would I figure that out? The issue I’m having with pfSense is that it’s not recognizing the ports as up when something is plugged into them. I do not experience any kernel panics or anything like that, simply that it won’t recognize something is plugged in. It lights up green, but doesn’t recognize the interface as ‘up’

You should be able to SMBUS mask without any negative effects just to try it and see if it makes any difference.

Is this the masking tape mod shown above? I’m new to this style of a forum so I’m not sure if that’s what you’re referring to.

Yep, it’s toward the bottom of that post.

I’ll wait for my i340-T2 before I resort to taping up pins on the cards.

If the i340 works I’ll just ditch my 4 PRO/1000 cards.

Hey @Mr_Noah, I could answer a bunch of these - how you making out now?

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