[Official] HP 290-p0043w Owner's Thread

Just curious if proxmox would work with this? Is pass-through available?

Pass-through to containers works just fine. I haven’t attempted passing the gpu through to a VM though.


Hey guys I need some help I got everything recommend for the pfsense build but my current network is on 1GB I also wanted to use my nighthawk R7000P as a wireless ap are they any hubs that are compatible with both 1GB and 10 GB also what cables and hub/switch would you recommend? I currently have 29 devices on my network about 5 or 6 wired

I futzed with vm passthrough for a few hours before resigning myself to a container.

Ok I caved and ordered one on Amazon for $109 plus tax. So I’ll be doing the dedicated plex server thing with it and be getting that lifetime plex pass for $75 this weekend.

So in terms of remote streaming useage…I’ve got 5mb upload at my house. Any tweaks to do to squeeze as much performance I can out of that? I have it set at 2mb/720 right now and it’s pretty sad streaming at my office.

I saw a video on something like that kind of switch on youtube the other day. I don’t remember who did the video though. If I run across it I’ll link it here.

It may have been Lawrence Systems or Servethehomevideo as they are always reviewing switches.

There’s not much you can do with that unfortunately, if that was my connection I wouldn’t share at all.

I’m basically going to allow my brother 500 miles away to have access and encouraging him to sync/download over night and never stream. I gather it will take a very long time to upload a blu-ray this way and probably don’t want to do this over cell data.

I haven’t messed with this but if he wanted to take that downloaded file and convert that mkv to something that will run on itunes…I guess he could probably work that out with Handbrake. I’m not sure he even has a regular pc anymore. He’s big into roku…I’m not sure you can sync to roku or not as I would think there would be space limitations.

So stupid question of the day? Should I have a vpn to do this?

I finally got around to putting all the pieces together for my QS box, and am quite pleased! Standard HP290 with the Celeron G4900. Added 2 x 8 gb sticks of ram, which is way overkill, 4gb is probably enough, 8gb is definitely plenty. Removed the 500 gb drive and the 2230 wifi card, no point in haveing those for this use case. Added a 256gb m.2 nvme, which will be more than enough for the OS + Plex data.

I did my initial install on 19.04 desktop per JDMs guide on a 16gb nvme for a couple weeks, but am trying out 19.10 server for now. I hope to move over to the 20.04 LTS when it comes out in a couple months and then not touch this for a couple years other than minor version and security updates.

I expect a couple days of monitoring and tweaking; a few odd NFS and apparmor kinks to iron out - no biggie.

JDM - thanks again for the recipe!

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Couple of questions (hp 290 for Plex Server only)

  1. Is the stock drive a laptop 2.5 inch? I think it is but not sure as my order won’t arrive till the end of the week. I’ve got a cheap ssd I could use but am leaning toward getting a m.2 nvne

  2. Ok hear me out…would it be better to over buy on RAM and do the metadata to ram thing or should I just buy a nvne/stick with ssd. I’m looking at this from a what gets the best benefit for the least amount of botttlenecks (striking a balance on performance per dollar). As far as I can tell for my usage the ram method would probably work fine for me unless I end up outgrowing that.

  3. I think I understand the dummy plug thing, but the link was for 3 of them. I wasn’t sure if I should be buying 3 pack just because for future expansion for other headless servers. This is new territory for me. I’m seeing some cheaper single plugs for like $5 just didn’t want to make a bad buying choice.

  1. It’s a 3.5 drive. If this a plex machine and you have a leftover ssd, just use that. Nvme will not be noticeable difference.

  2. For two streams, dont mess with this. Conventional setup will be fine.

  3. A single one is fine.

In for 1!

Gonna use it as a kubernetes/docker worker node with plex to serve up some of my media. Maybe transcode some of my RAW files to h265

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How can you get a lifetime pass for $75?

I signed up for email on exclusive offers. The deal expired on the 18th I believe.

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Thanks, I picked one up. Saw your videos while researching pfsense systems and it convinced me to bite. Excited to get started learning.

I need a NIC. For the pfsense experts here, do I need a 2 port or quad? I don’t know what questions/answers determine that. I want to use it for network segmentation for iot devices, ad blocking, vpn, and support an access point. What other questions do I need to answer to help make this decision?

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You only need a dual port, but sometimes quads are around the same price.

Got everything in today so I’m taking Windows for a spin right now. Oh god the bloat of pre-builts. I guess I may do the bios update before proceeding with the surgery. I’ll save that for tomorrow.

Day 2 Edit: machine is in post-op now…surgery was a success (so far), took all of 5 mins. Better watch that little power button cable though that thing looks like it will break looking at it.

For those that don’t know hit escape repeatedly on boot up to get to the menu options for bios or boot options.


Intel 660 1TB m.2
Patriot DDR4 8GB stick of ram

*I’m tempted to put a slim disc hard drive caddy in and see if it fits in place of the dvd-rom. That little notch thing probably kills hope for that.

Edit 2: Installed Manjaro with i3wm. Installed pms-plexpass package via the AUR and everything seems to be working correctly.

If I could go back in time, I would have just removed the 500 GB spinner from the start and not bothered letting it boot Windows 10 at all. You should be able to download the bios update and open it on another computer then copy the flash utility to a usb. That being said bloatware aside it was still pretty snappy desktop for a few hours I had it running off the stock hard drive.

If anyone upgrade the g4900 and is trying to sell their old one, let me know.
Thinking a quicksync nas would be a good build to replace my aging offsite 11g dell.

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