NK4. help and advice

Hi. I live in an old house with fibre connection. ~300mbs I have a Synology rt2600 router. I have Chromecast ultra. I download the majority of my movies in the 2gb region . Whatever format that may be. Same with TV shows . I tend to go for the higher quality. I rarely download 4k content

I would like to run emby or jellyfin alongside sonarr jackett and radarr I would like to run a raid setup to mirror 2 drives as I am scared of losing data if a HDD corrupts.

So. In the list of Nas killer 4.0 . There is a featured build. Would this be suitable for what I am asking it to do. Have I made any assumptions that are incorrect . Am I correct to say that if I run jellyfin or emby on the Nas itself that this will provide transcoding to the Chromecast or other device running emby/jellyfin.

would os would you pick? freenas or unraid etc

Thank you

As someone who didn’t know anything before getting into all this, and still doesn’t really know much… I’d suggest unraid personally. Check out Spaceinvader one on YouTube. He has WELL documented videos on setting everything up, and he has some videos that explain parity and how unraid works to backup your data in case of a hardware failure and such.

He even has videos on setting up emby on your unraid machine, and sonarr etc. If you’ve got some time, check out his videos before you make your final decisions, and of course, wait for some more replies here or ask in discord as there are some very knowledgeable and helpful people around here who I honestly couldn’t have done this without them.

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