NK 4.0 Build/Checklist Feedback

Hey everyone.

Have been reading and following the discord for a few weeks, have built computers before so thought this would be quite cool to try next, first time building my own server.

Looking into building a NAS Killer following the v4 guide, currently using a QNAP 4 bay and my gaming PC as a plex server and was wanting to upgrade to something that will be able to run Plex etc tucked away in the cupboard rather than leaving my PC on all the time.

I’ve seen you guys recommend unraid so would use that. Some of the docker apps that I have seen others here using ie radarr/sonarr etc was what I was looking at using as well.

These are the things I would like to be able to do with it:

  • Plex - Main purpose, 2 viewers at the moment, generally direct play/stream with occasional transcoding.
  • unRAID - with a few dockers to begin with, but definitely want to be able to expand the docker apps after playing/becoming comfortable with using them.
  • VMs - Might give using VM’s ago as well, nothing particular, just wanting to learn/play

Have made the list below in google sheets as a starting point. (on a side note pricing on the list is in New Zealand Dollars just fyi) Have been searching around websites here in NZ for good deals etc as getting anything shipped from ebay would increase the cost substantially depending on the items.


A few questions that I had were:

  • SSDs? Should I be looking at installing two from the beginning? One for cache and one for appdata/plex metadata etc? And would 2x 500GB be enough?

  • Unraid License, Was looking at starting off with just a basic license, as I believe the 6 drive limit would only count the drives that are part of the array?
    To begin with looking at just using the 3x 3TB WD Red drives (bought new off amazon :grimacing: before I found this website or thought to look on ebay etc :man_facepalming:) from my Qnap and then adding 1-2 SSDs based on your guys recommendations. So that would only be counted as 3 drives in Unraid correct?

  • Am also undecided on the case, have found a Silverstone KL04B-W case for $120NZD which is ~$80US, is this going to be better choice than the Phanteks Enthoo Pro? Was just cautious as seen a few reviews saying the silverstone is quite tight in terms of trying to use all 8 HDD bays, as well as the SSD enclosure at the bottom of the case. Where as the Enthoo Pro looks like it will be a breeze for cable management and installation etc.

Have already started buying a few of the items I will need for this build, as can be seen by my google doc (couldn’t resist as thought I wouldn’t get a better deal :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :laughing: :laughing:), I’m pretty sure what I have picked from the v4 guide will work for what I want to do but any help/advice would be much appreciated.