NK 4.0 based build advice vs existing Dell T20

So new user here and have been looking over a lot of the build threads both new and old for some good pointers. Up to this point my biggest point of confusion has been the motherboard side of things and what is available at what price points and the data here has helped a lot on that.

To get into my topic I have been trying to sort out consolidating my hardware down to one machine. Right now I have an old gaming desktop build with an i7-4790 running Proxmox and some VM’s and a Poweredge T20 running Unraid and a bunch of dockers. So far the biggest loads I have are Plex and a couple of vanilla Minecraft servers. In the future I’d like to add an OSX VM and Windows Server VM for testing purposes.

Originally I had been all in on just doing a new build and what seemed to be a good MB+CPU combo based on the NK 4.0 thread is the Supermicro X9SCM and an E3-1270v2. Biggest reason for the Supermicro is because I have been spoiled by having IPMI available and want to continue to have it. But the catch I’ve noticed here is it seems the X9SCM doesn’t support non-ECC memory and only unbuffered ECC memory which, last time I had price checked those about a year or so ago, were pretty expensive compared to buffered/registered.

The other thought is after migrating some VM’s and utilities off Proxmox over to Unraid including my Minecraft servers the E3-1225v3 it currently has seems to be handling it all in stride surprisingly. With everything under idle conditions I’m seeing around ~10% cpu usage and under most regular consistent loads nothing over 50% total cpu. However sticking with the T20 entails almost a total rebuild due to a different case to add more drives which I’d need, a beefier PSU that can handle the drives and a GPU I’d want to add for Plex, then all the proprietary shenanigans involved from Dell and working around those. On top of that I am unsure of how the extra future OSX and Windows VM’s will affect things. Memory I can just throw more at it, the CPU is the main concern.

So I’m on the fence if I should stick it out and ‘upgrade’ the T20, in which case I may even still try to look at a CPU upgrade to something with 4c/8t for a little more headroom or build a new box from scratch. In the latter case I’ll still keep the T20 and repurpose as a workstation as-is. And then I’m not 100% sure on where in the CPU area I should be looking other than probably something with 4c/8t for breathing room and minimum of around 7k passmark as that is what my E3-1225v3 now has. The rest I can tackle as the time comes. Stuff like case, mem, PSU, and HBA card.

For completion sake, here’s the full specs and loadout of my current machines:

i7-4790 (Haswell)
16GB Non-ECC ram
GTX 950 (not currently in use but will potentially be used for Plex transcoding)
480GB Crucial SSD
– After migrating a lot of services off, only thing running currently is a very light Nginx container for my reverse proxy

Dell Poweredge T20
Xeon E3-1225v3
12GB mixed ECC/non-ECC ram (budgetardy constraints early on)
120GB Cache SSD
3x8TB WD RED + 1x8TB Parity
– Utilities/dockers/VMs:
MineOS (2 vanilla Minecraft servers allocated 2 and 3GB ram )
Unifi controller
Future VM’s: OSX and Windows Server 2016 or 2019.