Newbie,Getting a New Server Soon

Hi guys I am new. I really really hope this is the right place for this.

Hi guys I need some help if Ok. I am planning to get this when I get paid but found out from my research the motherboard is at end of life and no longer supported :frowning:

My question is could someone help me find something that is not obsolete and more modern and has all the same features or better for maybe around $700? It will be my first server. Has to be 2U cause I heard the 1U servers are loud.

Things I want to do with it;

Storage like backing up games,files,pictures,movies etc.
Running my steam library from it maybe.
Game Server.
My own cloud.
Maybe a web server.
Plex Server or something similar.
pfSense from the same server.
Plus other interesting things.

My OS will be FreeNAS unless there is something better and has its own web UI so I can configure stuff from my main computer and be able to monitor stuff on it too.

I am planning to build my own network and stuff,I’m gonna get a Server rack when I get the server.

My completed Network when finished that I have planned;

I want to learn to be a Network admin and learn about network security etc. I always wanted to learn this stuff.

Could someone help if possible? Thank you in advance for the help.

Do you have questions after reading the SNAFU guide? 4U Rosewill will be very quiet and give you more flexibility than the 2U SuperMicro (also, that backplane is SAS1, 2TB drive limit).

I did but its so confusing lol.

Trying to find a server like the one in the link but not so dated but newer.

Ive been trying to read the guides but cause me knowing nothing about servers I can’t make heads or tails of the stuff. I just want to get something that is better than what I have in the link above but for around $700.

A friend sent me that link above to eBay,at first I was just going to out right buy it but then researched it and found out its old as in obsolete.

oh ok,ill do a 4U but is it possible to get something that will allow me to do what I have in the list on what I would like to do with the server for around $700? oh and hopefully it can use ddr3 or 4 memory,and maybe be able to upgrade the server down the road with new cpu etc.

Is it possible to get a 4U Server with a motherboard that has a UEFI or is that mainly only Desktop PC’s?
Oh I did read that the more cores ya get the more VM’s you can do but I don’t want to go too low on the gigahertz

Oh check out the pcpartpicker link I have planned for my network minus the server I was going to get from ebay.

I’m extremely sorry if Im being a pain :frowning:
Just excited that ill have my own server soon :slight_smile:

Really wish there was something like pcpartpicker but for server builds,so I know what ever I pick is compatible.

Thank you in advance for any help.

How is this one? or is it a no?

Is buying a prebuilt more attractive to you than building your own?

yea cause im too dumb too build one to be honest. I thought about getting one of those prebuilt 4.0 NAS killers. I just hope it can do all what I have in the list that i wanna do with the server.