New Sever build and trying not to go nuts!

I am looking at building a new UNRAID server that will handle my plex server, SABNZB downloader, Radarr, Sonarr setup as well as to have my Media server as automated as possible. I go back and forth on what parts to get and tend to go overboard and want to spend more than needed on most things. I was thinking of trying to stay under $1000 and want to be able to mainly direct stream to my Home Theater as well as having the ability to do multiple streams to family member remotley. also the ability to do a handful of transcodes without having any issues. I have gone through most of the builds and I am having a hard time trying to find out what all to use. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

there could be so many ways to go responding to your post as your post is very open ended. regarding direct streaming to your tv, i use an apple tv 4k, which i bought used through ebay based on a tech-deal on SB.