New guy first build

Hello to all !!! Posting my first build , Supermicro E-EATX dual xeon lga 1366 (X8DTN±F, Intel Xeon x5660 slbv6 2.8GHZ SIX Core CPU’S. I did buy two different types of ECC RAM they are both from KINGSTON DDR3 1333 2GB sticks and 6 sticks of 12GB. I am open to any and all information as this is my first build of this type. I would like to water cool both CPUS and GPU in a rosewell server case, along with a 1000 watt evga power supply.

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FYI - Pretty sure the EE-ATX doesn’t fit in the rosewill cases (E-ATX max).The Enthoo pro would fit it though.

Good luck on your build!

Thank you for the heads up. It will be a slow build lol

You can also use any / most of supermicro’s rackmount chassis.

Hello guys and Happy New Year ! I just placed an order with EBAY. Super Micro SNK-P0039P Heat Sink x8 for 2U Xeon LGA 1366 Socket with Screws and springs. Also I have put in a Offer for an Super Micro Super Chassis SC 825TQ-R700LPB. It is new in the box with rails. I hope that its works out. I did review Super Micro Web page and they state that it fit. Hope that you Guys have a great new year and Stay Safe .

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Just an up date . I was able to get the case for a great price. After the CPU Coolers and case make it in I will post the pic with the Motherboard installed. Have a great weekend

Hello to all . I have a question about cooling system the case comes with 4 x 40x56mm counter-rotation PWM fan(s). I would like to reduce the noise with Noctua NF-A4x20 PWM, Premium Quiet Fan, 4-Pin (40x20mm, Brown) ? They are going for 15 dollars each on Amazon? Also upgrading the cpu coolers as well down the road.

Hi guys well my 2u super chassis has show up today. But I have a very large problem with the motherboard. The case has a fixed IO shield and board does not fit. So its back to the grind to find a 1366 dual socket that will fit. Or I have an 1u server that I just picked up and see if the motherboard will fit that chassis. It has a x7SBL-LN2 775 single socket motherboard. But we will see. Does any one have any info on this problem?