Need to build proxmox server

I started my journey to build from idea of OMV. So I bought parts and them realized, I can’t do anything other than NAS so reinstalled proxmox. I installed OMV on VM but gave me enough errors. So decided to convert it to FreeNAS and now looking to build Proxmox. After doing research, decided to build something cheap. so I am here for advice and read other post.

I have been reading post on this forum but now as member.

I think you should start by explaining what your reasons are for wanting Proxmox. What are you hoping to accomplish with using Proxmox?

Proxmox’s wheel house is as a hyper-visor for virtual machines and LXC containers, less so as a NAS. I had it up and running fairly well when I was first starting my homelab tinkering and my power cut out and the dang thing crashed and died badly. Never could get it back going again so I moved on.

TrueNas Core (formerly FreeNas) is more of a NAS with some hyper-visor capabilities via Bhyve and containers called Jails…I personally found it difficult to learn and ended up giving up on it and moving on to UNRAID as my main goal was to use this stuff and not learn every little detail.

XCP-NG: Is another option as a hypervisor. I’ve used it and it was ok. I don’t recall it having container/docker support but it may have. I personally don’t think it’s ready for wide adoption but I’m probably going to build a system to fill in my rack space and take another look.

OMV: I wanted to like this…it uses limited resources, allows for containers, storage array, etc. My issue with OMV was the poor documentation and weird changes from one version to the next. Mainly it just didn’t work for me. As a simple file server it is great.

UNRAID: based on Slackware Linux…is IMO well worth the money. Mainly it’s a very polished Web-UI and you can use the shares via NFS, SMB, etc. You can run dockers and/or VMs…everything works great. SpaceInvaderOne videos on YouTube are very helpful.

With any of these you’ll have to prepare yourself to invest the time in learning.