NAS Killer 4.0 (first NAS build)

Hello all!

Found this forum via reddit and have been lurking for a few days now. I am about to complete my first NAS build using pre-owned server parts from ebay, linked from this Nas Killer thread.

I’ve really enjoyed this forum, shopping for parts on eBay and building PCs/servers is one of my favorite things to do.

Many of us are here to build NAS servers out of used enterprise or server grade equipment. Last night I followed a few links for a nice SM motherboard (1155), a XEON 1265 v2, and 16GB of Unbuffered DDR3 for $150 USD. These parts were most likely pulls from Dell or HP servers in datacenters, and I’m sure treated very well.

My question is this: for me, my NAS server is vitally important. Beyond just family photos I store very important work that must be retained for life. Wouldn’t it be better to spend say $300-$500 more and get brand new parts under warranty that you can really rely on?

Follow up question: I’ve never used an actual NAS before, only file servers. If say the NAS “failed” ie the mobo died, ram failed etc what happens to the data on the hard drive? is it encrypted? can you just take it off the drive and move it to another system.

Thank you for any info, I really am enjoying this community and am def going to start building some NAS’s !

New or used, you always have the possibility of something not working. You really want to pair your nas with some kind of backup. Both offsite and cloud. Also with the cost of an nk4 being very low, you could build 2 and use one as a onsite backup.

that is a good point, I dont know if I have enough data to upload everything to the cloud, but using 2 would be a cool option. maybe just every few months I can bring a copy to my work, safe deposit box, or moms house :slight_smile: ?

anyone weigh in on this as a 2 bay NAS? its prob about $300 after a promo code I have

expensive and only 2 bays. Why is that attractive to you?

$349 expensive? for a E3-1225 v5 with 8GB of ECC ddr4 I think its a great deal. it can hold (4) 3.5" hard drives and more with an aftermarket cage. it also has an NVME slot which can boot. the fact that it is new, with a warranty I don’t see how it can be beat.

as a sidenote I’m looking for a power edge rack 240 or 340 if anyone is selling