NAS Killer 4.0 Build Feedback

Hey all,

I am interested in the “featured” build in the NAS 4.0 build guide to use as a Plex server. Using these parts, how many streams could this support?


The passmark for the i5-3570s listed is 6746. So with plex’s recommendation of 2000 passmark per trasncode it would be 3-4 simultaneous transcodes at a time. (and as suggested below you can have as many direct streams or plays in addition to the transcodes as you want without affecting the CPU)

It’s worth noting that direct play and direct stream basically have no effect on CPU usage.

Excellent thanks! What really should I be looking at if I am looking for 4-6 streams at a time? I don’t think it’ll be that many but just thinking ahead.

Streams or transcodes? Transcodes will be all that matter for the cpu. The i7-3770 in the guide has a passmark of 9279. That’s close to my servers chip and i have done 5 concurrent transcodes and two direct streams and could have handled more. Again if you go with a 2000 passmark score per transcode if all 6 streams are transcodes you would need a cpu with a 10-12000 passmark score. But, again, if 2 streams are transcodes and the rest are direct stream you only need a few thousand passmark. Look at PassMark - CPU Benchmarks - List of Benchmarked CPUs and see what fits your needs. If you are following the guide make sure the chip you find is compatible with the board you choose or vise versa.