NAS Killer 4.0 6-Bay Mini-ITX Questions

Hello, this is my first server build and I’m not very familiar with the hardware side of computers so I was hoping someone could look over my planned build and see if they have any recommended changes or if it all looks good.

I am currently running Plex + sonarr, radarr, etc on an old gaming laptop with an external drive attached via usb. With my new build I’d like to have more storage drives while keeping a smallish form factor so the 6-Bay mini-itx seemed like a good choice. I plan on running UnRaid with the new build.

In addition to running Plex I was hoping to run a small Minecraft and Factorio server if possible as well as run basic video editing software for my GoPro videos that way I can store and edit the video on the same machine.

Since I only have at most 2 or 3 transcodes at once I am planning on using the recommended mini-itx build guide with a cpu upgrade to the i7-3770S. I am also wondering if I would need to upgrade to 16GB of RAM for any reason and if it would be worth it to go with the 4 Port SATA3 card to do the video editing on a VM using an extra SSD.

Once again, I’m new the the hardware side of computers so if this build is way underpowered for what I am trying to accomplish or I am missing anything important please let me know.

Unless you really need it, Mini-ITX is a lot more expensive and limiting when it comes to upgrades.

I’d stick with M-ATX or ATX personally.

Ok that’s good to know, I’m not too concerned about cost and I really like the smaller form factor but I’ll definitely look into an M-ATX build.

Any thoughts on if I would need the extra RAM or not?

Thanks for the help, these guides are great!