NAS/Home Server build

Hi All,

We want to replace the GROWING external HDD collection we have with a proper FreeNAS setup. We also have a 5 bay drobo we’d like to replace with this NAS.

Fractal Define 7 - ~$200
520W PSU (reused) - FREE
Asus X9PAD8 (dual LGA2011) - $150
2X: E5-2643v2 - $180
E5-2640v2 - $100
RAM 32GB - $???

The machine would be primarily in charge of NAS with 1-2 users and automated backup responsibilities, but should also be able serve as an FTP server.

The motherboard includes an HBA adapter which is preferred for FreeNAS, and also has room for a GPU or video capture card.

The prices are approximate, for used CPU and motherboard. I have to research RAM compatibility though. Where do people generally get their used server RAM? or should I buy new?


Did you mean Z9PA-D8? Its the same Motherboard I have. Prices seem reasonable. As for RAM used ECC memory is fine. I bought 32GB for $24 on Ebay. Just get the fastest speed the Board can handle (1600Mhz) If your just using it as a NAS you could save some money and get a pair of E5-2690v1 more cores but slightly less base clock speed.

Yes, I meant the Z9PA-D8! I guess I’ll just grab some used ebay RDIMMs and try it out.

For the CPU, I wasn’t sure if FreeNAS/ZFS would prefer more cores or higher clocks. We might just get a cheaper pair of CPUs to start and upgrade later.

Thanks for your help

There’s a good list of RAM in this guide: