NAS Build Question

Hello I’m building a new NAS from some parts I have laying around and was wondering about having a big enough PSU for my build

CPU - Intel i5-3470s
Motherboard - Intel DQ77KB Mini ITX LGA 1155
Ram - 8gb (2x4gb) SO-Dimm PC3-12800 DDR3
HDD - 4x Western Digital 4TB Red Plus 3.5" 5400RPM

every where I look it recommends a 160watt power supply but I only can find that 150w, 120w and the 90w power brick. I’m just wondering if a 150watt would work since power supply calculators are really generic

I will be running OMW with PLEX that is why I want to use a i5-3470s if any one askes

Just curious, how are you connecting 4 HDDs to that MoBo? There are only 2 SATA ports… I suspect part of the reason why there are so few is the power supply issue. Sorry, there are 4. Two are black and I didn’t see them when I glanced at it :man_facepalming:

EDIT: According to this post on the NAS Killer 4.0 thread, a 120w power supply should be sufficient: [Guide] NAS Killer 4.0 - fast, quiet, power efficient, and flexible - starting at $125 - #13 by JDM_WAAAT (look at the 6-Bay Mini ITX NAS section).

Of course, that’s with a 45W TDP processor, and yours is a 65W TDP processor.

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ok thank you

I would think probably yes.

Ideally hook up a killawatt or art plug and get a measurement of draw at the wall before stress testing