NAS 4.0 build - feedback request

Hi here,

Not sure if this is the right place or not, but I’m new around here so please correct me.

Based off the current NAS Killer 4.0 guide, I came up with the following build:

Item Model $$
Case Rosewill 4U RSV-L4000 $141.16
Motherboard Supermicro - X9SCM (Socket LG 1155) $65.00
CPU Intel Xeon E3-1230 V2 $50.00
RAM 16 GB (2x 8GB) ECC Unbuffered DDR3-1600 $101.75
CPU Cooler Arctic Freezer 12 $20.00
Power Supply Seasonic G SSR-550RM 550W PSU $71.00
SATA Cables 6 pack SATA cables $7.99
Quiet Fans Arctic P12 120mm fans, 5-pack $27.99
TOTAL $456 .39
  • I want to run Freenas with ZFS with two vdevs (each vdev with 2x 8TB WD shucked drives)
  • My goal is long term home storage and archival. I want the NAS to be functional and up-gradable 5+ years from now. Use case includes a medium-light amount of virtualization (for my work) plus a few quality of life/anti-Google Drive apps like Nextcloud, Syncthing, etc. A few other home server apps. No plex/media streaming/encoding required.
  • I like the 4U case because I have a small rack at home
  • With this build I would velcro the ssd into place (there must be space?) so I have 8 3.5 bays, 4 now, 4 later.
  • Will use the onboard SATA to start, then add an LSI SAS card later when the time comes.
  • Noise is a concern of mine. Would gladly drop an extra $50 to reduce the noise.
  • Not 100% sure on the heatsink?

You are in the right place!

Hardware feedback:

  1. Just go for the full L4500. It’s extremely unlikely that you’ll regret the extra cost / increased size, but it’s extremely likely that you will regret the almost 50% reduction in drive bays that the 4000 has.
  2. That Dynatron heatsink will be loud, use either the ThermalTake that’s suggested in the guide or the Arctic Freezer i12.
  3. The RAM looks a little expensive
  4. Wait for EVGA B-stock Wednesday deals on PSUs. You can get a comparable model for around $45 or less.

Other feedback:

To me, your use-case screams unraid. Everything in the server will be quiet, so long as you use the recommended arctic fans. Likely the HDD’s will be the loudest part of the build. (they’re damn quiet)

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Thanks :smiley:

Good thought on upgrading to the L4500. It is worth it down the line for 15 bays.
I’ve updated the build with your suggestions. The RAM is just what I found on Newegg for ECC unbuffered from a brand I recognized. I’m doing this build for a friend. So he can hunt for bargains when he’s ready to start sourcing the parts.

I’m sure unraid might work great, but I prefer open source software in general, and I’m no stranger to server admin.

Thanks for the feedback!