NAS 4.0 Build - Build Feedback - RAM Compatibility

Case (can’t decide on which to get…):
Rosewill 4u 15 Bay (Link)
Silverstone 8 Hot Swap (Link)
Rosewill 4u 12 Bay Hotswap (Link)

Mobo: X9SCM-F (Link)
CPU: Xeon E3-1230V2 (Link)
RAM: 4x8GB 1Rx4 PC3L-12800R (Have this from another project)
CPU Cooler: Thermaltake Gravity i2 (Link)

SSD: Pioneer 1TB
HDD: 5x10TB EasyStores

Sata Ext: Sata III PCI-e 2.0 (Link)
SAS/Sata Ext: SAS9211-8i (Link)
w/ Mini SAS Host to 4 sata (Link)

I have a pack of arctic fans already from another build that didn’t end up needing them.

OS: Unraid? (Link)

For the case, I don’t think I will ever go above 12 hard drives but I know that 8 wouldn’t be enough space in the long run, though it would probably work fine for a few years which is why I have the silverstone on there. I like the hot swap option though I will admit that I don’t use it much on the machine I already have. My major concern is whether the ram I have will be compatible with the Mobo or if I need to get something like ECC PC3-12800E 1600MHz 4GB mentioned in the guide?

Thanks for the help!

I think the Silverstone KL04B would be my choice for tower. For Rackmount, I’d choose the Rosewill 15 bay.

RDIMM is not compatible with socket 1155. You must have ECC UDIMM or non-ECC UDIMM as listed in the memory section of the guide.

Unraid would be my choice for most people with this build. Can’t really go wrong.

Thanks for the quick response! I’ll have to get some different memory then. Would there be any difference between the Sata PCI-e 2.0 vs the SAS9211-8i? Does one have better longevity.speeds then the other or can I just grab one and be fine?

I would recommend the SAS HBA route. It gives you the flexibility to run SAS drives if you want to, plus you can connect up to 8 drives.

Check out the KL04B case while you’re at it, I recently added it to the build guide so you might not have seen it.

Sweet thanks! And that new case can hold 10 drives natively but any ideas on the temps when fully loaded? My place can get pretty hot during the summer, even with a/c on and it doesn’t look like there is much room on this thing for more fans.

If you replace the fans with the recommended Actic P12 fans, you’ll have no problem cooling the drives adequately.