Motherboard - Case Question

Evening folks…done the best I could. So I built a Threadrunner build a couple few years ago using an Intel S2600CP motherboard. I tried to do the bios update and now it just beeps 3 times and endless loops. I tried to do a bios recovery and it does the same thing. So now, my question here is what are some alternative motherboards I can use? I primarily use this for Plex and little projects here and there.

Would like to be able to reuse most if not all of what I have. Also for reference, my build is almost exactly like this one: 3 Years Ago Thread


2x Intel-XEON-E5-2650-ES-QARE-2-00Ghz-8-Core-20MB-Socket-2011-CPU
(Just got a matching pair of E5-2690v2 from a Dell 730 getting sent to recycling heaven)

128 gigs of ram 16gig sticks
(Also got 8 32gig sticks from the same server)

2 8tb red drives

1 Samsung 120 ssd

1 Samsung 250 ssd

All stuffed into a Phantek Enthoo Pro Case

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Give this a read, and let me know what you think!

There’s tons of LGA2011 motherboard options here.