Linux Support for LSI 92xx - SAS2116 based adapters - suggestion needed

With RedHat/CentOS mainstream support from version 8.2 dropping for some LSI adapters (like the popular 92xx series), what SAS adapter series is now recommended? I’m using CentOSPlus 8.2, which still has the driver support.

All my 8 disks connected to my LSI2008-8i are fine - no smrtctl errors

But I’m getting too many “blk_update_request: i/o error” whenever a disk wakes up from standby (even after setting kernel time out to 180 secs via /sys/block/$drive/device/timeout) where drive is sda to sdj.

No errors if I do not let my drives go to standby mode (always in active mode).

Looking for suggestions to replace my 9201-8i - TIA