Leverage GTX 1080 + Existing HDDS/SSDS/RAM, or do a completely separate build?


This is a list of hardware that’s currently in my gaming computer that I’m willing to transfer to another machine to off-load the CPU-Intensive process of Plex-Transcoding, NZBGET, and using StableBit Cloud for Google Drive storage that Plex uses.

I’d like to spend the least money possible, and I don’t consider selling my GTX 1080 for $200 worth it. I’d rather have unlimited streams with it.

I was wondering what’s the cheapest way of putting my existing hardware to use? Ideally I’d like those cases with 6-10 Hard-drive spaces.

What CPU/Mobo in there?

I’m asking for suggestions on those. I don’t have an CPU/Mobo/PSU, that what I want to know

The suggestion is likely going to be sell the 1080 and use that money to buy a complete system with intel quicksync. the 1080 is jsut not power effecient for transcoding and you would be better served by an all in one cpu box. Since you are doing more than jsut plex i’d suggest bumping upto a core i5 but thats still much better than that 1080.

You can buy like 3 of these for the price you sell your 1080 for…