Kombatmedik30 introduction

My name is kombatmedik30 and I finally decided to post in this forum rather than discord. I would like everyone to know I stumbled upon JD_WAAAT builds while deployed in Syria (when we had decent internet and access to it) and decided to do one if his builds out there and getting it shipped to Syria. It was the X8DTL-3F build with dual X5670’s. Once built and all the software I wanted on it (plex especially to stream) I shipped home and my wife was gracious enough to go through the pains of hooking it up and allowing me remote access (team viewer) to get things rolling on a 1 gigabit connection. I will post pics in the builds section hopefully this weekend but I want everyone to know that even after coming home my “battles” were still streaming from it and had many email requests for shows to download! Thank you JD_WAAAT as many soldiers had a chance to leave that environment (mentally) and enjoy shows like the Big Bang theory, billions, and game of thrones (no porn was added to the server lol) for just a little while.


Hello, and welcome! Looking forward to your build pics, and sweet story!