Kitchen Heaters, my dual 2011-3's

Getting my space heaters up and running, this is on my kitchen rack, i’ll take some pics when i get all the systems up and running.

here is from the dual E5-2699 V3 rig i moved to the Kitchen (coldest room in the house)


Holly shit, that looks likes an awesome rig. How much did it cost you

Hi, I was lucky, i got the chips back when they were a little cheaper last xmas. But it was still around 400/500 a pop, now they are 600-650… but they are nice chips for sure. When i have 1 system rocking full load it runs about 250W which isn’t tooo bad for 36/72 threads running 100%^…

You can find the supermicro dual X10 boards for around 300 if you keep looking.
then it’s just finding the ddr4 ecc,…
It was my 60th birthday gift to myself…

It is crunching Mapping Cancer Markers for WCG, when it’s running full load it runs at 2.8GHZ

I have 2 more dualie x10’s that i will be getting online in my kitchen rack by tomorrow, i post those cpuZ’s and pics tomorrow…

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phew, dual 2699 must throw out a bunch of BTUs at full load. So that only pulls 250w at load? That’s pretty low - my dual E5-2630L v2 unraid box (12 drives) pulls 175w at idle.

What case do you have that in?

There are lots of interesting crunching tasks out there, but that one sounds particularly worthwhile.

Most people don’t realize but with each jump in generation the become significantly more efficient. I really like this reddit thread in comparisons. Also remember the ones in the OP are v3.

When going from E5 26XX / V1 and V2, with teh V3’s and V4’s they went down a size 22nm i think, and were the next gen to them. I had mostly 1366 rigs, but last year I upgraded all my systems to LGA 2011 -V3 socket which as i am now really starting to get used to them, i really like them. With the Ryzens out it turned the whole market on it’s head. Since i didn’t have the $$$ for the AMD ryzens and threadripers the Xeon V3 and V4 have been working well for me. At first i went with single X99 board but then as you go you realize that it saves you even more to go dualie. I kinda think the V3’s and V4’s are peaking cost wize and will drop a little when the buzz for ryzen starts to drop. But I think they will rock for many years to come, they are very strong chips, and i like em :bsod:

As far as what to crunch, since I run with XtremeSystems we do a lot as a team. I was lucky to fit in with the team, but a year later i’m still the new guy and I put out about 10% of what the big boys do, but I’m only getting started.

It’s a lot of fun, there are a lot of competitions and also you can always find a cause that is close to your heart and just rock it…

Here is where the sprints and marathons are hosted… check it out,

Formula Boinc