Kind of a weird deal... 192GB DDR3 ECC (6x32GB) currently going for $200 (auction)

Strip the RAM out of it, unsure of what SSD is in there. E5-2450 v2 are LGA1356 so not the most usable.

sold for $476…

I was in on the bidding up to $415 with the intention of keeping the RAM and parting out the rest, which would have returned about $300

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just got alert this auction was relisted:

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Because I put bids on both the auctions, I just got the following message from the seller…

Want to buy 75 units of these SBCs?

Holy crap, they have a ton. I’ll reach out to them and see if they can provide a better price off ebay.

I have been watching those guys for quite some time now and they have some interesting items. Unfortunately their asking prices are nearly “retail” level - close to double of what I would considered to be a good deal.

If you would be able to establish any kind of rapport with the seller - take a look at the Newisys NDS-4600 listing with all 60 trays included. It beats the crap out quality wise of the storinator type junk cases everyone is so excited about.
They also have another one listed with rails and cable management arm for $700.

I have a storinator, it’s not junk.

Logan, I am 60 years old and I have been doing storage related shit for longer than you have been alive. The most important thing about storage that I have learnt during my career is that a high quality hot-swappable drive cage is what sets apart storage servers from all other types of computer systems. And Storinator comes short in that department.

I completely understand why Backblaze started building their own chassis – they just needed to be able to control the supply chain. I understand why kids build their first servers using gaming PC cases. But I do not understand why an experienced server enthusiast would choose a system (or a such important component like chassis) designed by amateurs instead of a product designed by professionals. Specially when higher quality part is available at lower cost.

You have all the means to censor me on your site but you can do very little to change my opinion about quality of Storinator (and while we are at it, Rosewill – another staple of your guides) server chassis.

Not that you’d care.

I don’t care how old you are. You’re entitled to your opinion, and I’m entitled to disagree.


one sold today for $227.50