Intel SC5650HCBRP Intel Xeon E5620, 6GB RAM, 6 hotswap 3.5" bays


  • Intel S5500HCT SSI-EEB motherboard (dual 1366, similar to NK 2.0/3.0)
  • Single Xeon E5620
  • Dual Intel NIC
  • Garbage RAID card (replace with LSI)
  • 6 hot swap 3.5" bays, 1 internal 3.5" bay
  • 2 x 5.25" bays (convertable to 3.5")
  • Dual 600W redundant PSU

All this for $119.95 FREE SHIPPING

Got this yesterday. I’m pretty happy with it so far aside from two things. 1. Super loud fans, but these are easily replaced. 2. The hot swap hard drive tray only has two sas connectors and proprietary intel data connector. Basically if you want to use the 6 bay hot swap tray with a different sata card you might have to rip off the backplane and just use loose cables.

a LSI card won’t work?

Disregard, I made a mistake when I looked at it. I’m pretty new to server hardware.

Show us some pics! I’ve only seen it online

I already switched out most of the fans.

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I’m sad :frowning: It’s currently sold out. Hopefully it comes back in stock.