Intel G4900 Plex Build (need help please!)

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I’ve been a long time lurker of @JDM_WAAAT builds and am finally ready to take a leap. I was eyeing up Synology equipment and quickly realized I’d rather build my own for various reasons. I would like to keep the same form factor that Synology uses because I like the small compact frame and the easy access to the drives. I’ve seen a lot of info on the HP290s and have a couple questions about it. So basically I would like to build a mini atx box that has access to the hard drives using the Intel G4900 from the HP290 since it can handle the transcoding so well. Is something like this possible or am I in fairy tale land?

I mostly play locally at home currently using my laptop running 24/7 which I want to get away from. Plus I would like to share with my family in other states (3 other streams). Would need the ability to transcode (which is why I was thinking of using the G4900…powerful and cheap).

I have a case in mind and would love some help on the rest of what I’d need! Thank you guys!!!

Chenbro SR30169 is the case I’m looking at since it has 4 bays which is all I’ll need (for now)

CPU Intel G4900 (for its ability to transcode)


What motherboard do you suggest?

I am aware that Mini ITX makes this more expensive but I have ~$500USD (without storage) I’m willing to spend. Can any of you nice people help me out with a full build?

Here are some suggestions:
ASUS Prime H310I-PLUS motherboard
4 x SATA III ports, 1 x NVME slot, 1 PCIE. Specs $90 at neweegg

8GB Corsair DDR4 2666 RAM. $34 at Amazon

Use an NVME for cache/app data. Take your pick.

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Usually people (myself included) use the HP290 solely to run Plex and do the transcoding. They build another storage server to keep all the media content. If you’re library was small enough, you could put it all on the HP290. I was previously using a Western Digital PR2100 NAS. I now have an HP290 running Plex and I have a server I built for around 350 dollars that is storing all my media using Unraid as the O.S. Here is a link to my build if you wanted to see. [Build Complete] - NK4.0 Node 804

I’ve seen the separate builds but what I’m trying to do is combine then into one build. I don’t want 2 different devices. If the g4900 won’t be able to handle Radarr, Sonarr, Plex, SabNZB then can someone help me put together a build that will do what I need for around ~$500 without storage included?

Thanks for the recommendations

Yea to be honest, i think doing all of that simultaneously might be a bit much to ask of that processor. It was for me but especially so because I was generating video preview thumbnails AND I wanted everything to happen at once. Therefore i upgraded to a i5-8400. However, if you were okay with having downloads run only during off-watching times (eg. late night/early morning) and you weren’t going to generate video preview thumbnails, I think it’s fine.

Ahhh gotcha. Thanks so much for your help. Yeah I’d need to be able to do everything at once. Using the Chenbro SR30169 is there anyway I could achieve this? I’ll spend more if need be but would really like to keep it around $500

Yea go with a faster processor. If you want the ability to support a dozen or more transcode streams, any 8th/9th gen i3 or i5 should do the trick. Just make sure you don’t get a F variant as those don’t have integrated graphics and therefore can’t do QuickSync. See the JDM hardware transcoding guide esp section on QuickSync.

If you only need 4-5 streams, build a NK4.0 which should easily be able to do everything you need.

The more the better right? If I want to go with a i5 would I still be able to keep it in price range? I found an 8th gen i5 8400 for $150. Would this still fit in my case? I’m really trying to keep something small and I really like the look and accessibility of this chenbro case.

Okay I’m looking more towards the nk4.0…gonna go with the i7-3770. Would the motherboards you recommended still work?

Use the guide. I think it has some recommendations for mini itx motherboards.

I did. It only has one and it’s not available

Using the i3 8100 in my final build here

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