Infinity Interlude Grille Covers

I got the grills that were in stock yesterday. they look great! I called and the il40 grills will be in stock Friday :slight_smile:


Did you end up ordering the IL40 grilles?

IL60 Black-RIGHT and Black-LEFT are no longer available and will no longer be made, according to a rep. Ordered a black center today.

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I still don’t have black grills for my il40 (anyone selling? haha) I called in November and they were not stocked yet and said to call in February. I just called and they’re still out of stock and he said call in 1-2 months. I’ll try again next month.

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They still have yet to ship my center grille. Might be a while.

I called again today and they said the part number (336057-004) for the il40 grilles is still out of stick. She’s going to follow up with the parts team this time to see if there is another part number that will work, I’ll report back if I hear anything.

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Paid for my center grille back in the beginning of the year. Never shipped it and still charged me. Nice.

Sounds like chargeback time to me

I would call back before trying to charge back. Let us know what happens.