HP290 Still Reasonable for pfsense and Plex?

Is the HP290 still reasonable at $180 shipped? I’m starting from scratch at a new house and am looking to use 1 for pfsense and another for Plex with a separate NAS like the NAS Killer 5.0. Getting into a 1U case would be nice but the low power consumption is a big bonus.

pfsense build ($260):

Plex build would be the same with a larger SSD and potentially 2 sticks of the 8 GB RAM.

Absolutely, the HP 290 is still great.

Don’t add any RAM for Pfsense, there’s no need.

I actually just found the HP ProDesk 400 after browsing around some more and was able to get 2 for $90 each. Hard to beat 2 machines for the price of 1 with similar performance. I’ll be posting my builds once they get here. Thanks for the awesome community!

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