H200 internal card for a Dell 510

Was looking to replace the H700 card in a free R510 I picked up so I purchased a H200 card off eBay to flash to IT/HBA to support ZFS though Proxmox.
The Dell part number was W8J8X but it doesn’t fit in the internal controller slot. It’s about 1/2 too long. Looking at other listings specifically marked as H200 HBA flashed like the one from Art of the Server they certainly have slightly different connections and have the part number 047MCV.

I’m looking to use all 3 of the other PCI-e slots so I kinda need to use the internal slot for the H200.
Anyone have any idea what the part number is for a drop in replacement H200 board for a R510?


Update and FYI for fellow R510 owners.
The part numbers for the H200 Integrated card are 3J8FW and H215J. The Integrated card is the one designed for the controller slot.