[Guide] NAS Killer 4.0 - fast, quiet, power efficient, and flexible - starting at $125

I ended up with the Intel DQ77Mk board which is great, only thing to note is the SATA port setup. You do get 2xSATA3, 4xSATA2 but one of the SATA2 ports is an eSATA port on the io stack. This leaves you with 5 ports inside the case, not 6.

I am stuck and not sure where to start after reading this site for a couple of weeks I am more confused.
I have been looking at part from the Nas Killer v1,v2,v3,v4 and I am not sure where to begin. My budget is less that $400

I currently have a Dell T310 that I got form work it has a single x3430 process and I am running a bunch of dockers, the most intentive is zoneminder. I have 16GB of memory. SSD Cache, 2GB party and 4 other drives for 6 drives total. Storage is not really my main use, its dockers and home automation. I am looking to upgrade to add a VM with GPU Pass through to replace a old desktop.

What is the difference between the Nas KIller versions its seems each can be scaled to fit my budget but they are different. How do I determine if I should go Dual or Single CPU, what use case would dictate each.

I understand the changing hardware pricess on Ebay and that there is a sweat spot for buy used hardware and putting it together. I am just trying to get some clarity on the different options and figure out my best path.

One of one of the things I am having difficulty figuring out is how to compare benchmarks between the x3430 single and a dual configuration of any xeon.

Hi Looking at a server, looking at using VM for:

  • plex

  • cloud, to upload to from holidays etc for videos, pics

  • nas

  • Ubiquiti cloud key

  • sickbeard couchpotato etc

  • programing testing

  • maybe ability to VR game with on another VM, not required if it makes the build more expensive, but realize the graphics card is where the main cost will come into play

You can do all of these things with a 4.0 that’s properly specced. I wouldn’t recommend using a server for gaming however.


Would you also say it will support as mention but to add:

3x Smart TVs, 1 4k HDR, 2x 1080
3x laptops
2 mobiles and 2 tablets.
Streams maybe 2-3 at any one point of time

Get as many devices as possible to Direct Stream / Direct Play instead of transcode and you can do beyond that 5 fold.

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Fabulous guide!

I just bought a HP Microserver Gen 8 with a xeon processor and 16GB ECC for $200 that I’d like to use with unraid. I’m concerned by the 4 bay limitation (currently have an SSD instead of Optical drive) but only running at SATA2 speeds. I’d like to have 6 X 10TB drives with the possibility of expansion (2 for parity).It came with a HP Smart Array P222/512 FBWC 6Gb 1-Port Internal/1-Port External SAS Controller which I’m assuming I can flash into IT mode.

What small DAS systems would you recommend to supplement it?

I also have a lenovo S30 that I could use, but am concerned about the PSU and finding space to put in 6 drives. Would you do that or do one of the above builds?

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any chance to found X9SCM at lower price than 100$ shipping included in the future ?

Waiting for one on ebay but no luck so far… Should i search for another model now ?

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thank you.

It seems that the issue is that i’am living in France and delivery costs to my country are very high.

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Just wanted to give some thanks for the help of the people on this board. I started this knowing nothing (I mean, nothing) and have my case built and am currently preclearing my drives. I’ve still got work to do but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!


The light at the end of the tunnel is signaling the start of another tunnel. :slight_smile:

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That it is, I’ve already started thinking about building a computer next year

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Hi JDM_WAAAT - Thanks so much for posting this guide to a NAS! It was very helpful. I was thinking about building a new computer and thought I would use my old rig as a server/NAS. I was thinking about using it for storing Movies, Pictures and possibly surveillance footage from POE cameras (not yet bought/implemented). What are your thoughts on the parts and if this build would be power hungry? Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Case - Zalman Z9-U3
Motherboard - ASUS P8Z68-V 1155 ATX
CPU - Intel Core i5-2500K
CPU Cooler - Corsair Hydro Series H55 Quiet CPU Cooler
Power Supply - 700W COUGAR-700CMX RT

I’m not clear on what exactly those “full height brackets” are and whether or not I need one. I’m going for one of the a Supermicro motherboards and LSI HBA cards.

It matters for the case that you plan on using. You probably need one.

Most cases will require the full height adapter for the LSI HBA cards. Here’s a link for a pack of 5 with screws. Or you could order them individually. My first order was for one, but then I ended up ordering five more. YMMV.