Greetings from AU

I was blown away when I stumbled on this community and the guides, so i;m here!

Patreon is being a ass, even though I used it to create my account here I can’t get access to the A.2 build :frowning:

It takes a few moments to sync it up. Welcome! Log out and back in and you should have access.

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All set?

All set :wink: Thanks mate!

Greetings from the Gold Coast :beers::clinking_glasses:

Greetings! :beer:

What are your plans to build?

More a wish than anything at the moment but I did, love to do a PESH2 and 2x2690’s, 10-20TB storage for plex, NAS and VM’s. See what the A2 guide brings to replace the PESH2 :slight_smile: