Gigabyte GA-7PESH2 onboard NICs not showing as PCI devices if no link on cold boot

Hello All,

I’ve seen many people complain about various issues with the GA-7PESH2 related to NICs not showing up or BMC LAN issues. I have no problems with the BMC, but on a random basis my NICs would not show as PCI devices in whatever OS I would boot (Windows/Linux/FreeBSD/ESXi) and it took me quite a lot of time to figure out what was going on.

What seems to be the problem is that after a cold boot when there was complete AC cutoff, if the system boots with no link on the NICs then no NICs are presented as PCI devices at all.

BIOS: I tried with both R16 and R17 with no success resolving the issue
NICS: I flashed the NICs with the latest Intel firmware from Gigabyte website V04 with no success resolving the issue.

I also figured that immediately after I plug the cables and have link on the NICs just after a reboot the NICs show up properly as PCI devices and are presented to the OS.

Anyone with similar issues? If anyone with the same board could cutoff their AC for a minute, then power on the machine and check if they still see the NICs after a cold boot I would be glad for the feedback!

P.S. After each BIOS update I also cleared CMOS and loaded defaults.

So far I can not find a solution to this issue and is driving me crazy.

Apparently this mobo gives a lot for the bucks with the onboard LSI 2008 and dual 10Gbps NICs, but the issues it has pretty much make me want to go a different route.

P.S. On a side note I also have some inconsistency with how FANs operate, some sensors on the mobo would show weird temperatures which is probably causing the FANs to misbehave, adjusting FANs multiplier for warning through the BMC does not save and multipliers are lost after cold start.

Update BMC to 2.35 (not 2.43)?

@seanho I can see how this can only affect FAN/TEMP issues. I am currently on BMC 2.43 and I don’t see a possible way to go back to 2.35. Tried flashing through the BMC Web UI which fails, tried flashing through DOS but the flash utility does not recognize the flash chip. Are there any known issues with 2.43?

Some reports of sensor/fan issues with 2.43. No reports of NIC oddness, though.