First Build - Struggling to build pool of Disk

I am building my first NAS server. However, I hit a roadblock that I havent been able to overcome , or to find any information of how to fixed it.

I bought 5 HDD of 4TB each, but different brands. They show as follow on the Freenas pool manager interface:

Disk Type Capacity

da0 UNKNOWN 3.7 TiB

da1 UNKNOWN 3.64 TiB

da2 UNKNOWN 3.7 TiB

da3 UNKNOWN 3.64 TiB

da4 UNKNOWN 3.64 TiB

Despite been “4TB” they are not the same size. I cant create the the array, and it shows the following error “Mixing disks of different sizes in a VDEV is not allowed.”

I am not sure what to do, any help will be appreciated.