First build - already frustrated AF. X8SIL-F can't get to boot from USB flash drive

Hi all. I have spent the last few hours trying to figure out why I can’t get my system to boot from a USB flash drive. I’m on a X8SIL-F with X3470 and 16GB of RAM. All’s compatible and I can get into the boot menu and it shows the right CPU and memory.

But, when I try to boot from a USB flash drive, nothing happens. I’ve tried FreeDOS bootable drive, as well as unRAID. After the initial AMI screen (POST 1 I think? “initializing…”, “USB, 2 keyboard” etc etc), the board beeps and then nothing on the screen.

I’m on BIOS v 1.0c. Created the drive using Etcher and FreeDOS 12 USB Full ISO, and unRAID using their own tool.

I’ve made sure that the flash drive is 1st in boot order, and retry boot is enabled. At this point, I’m pretty frustrated and completely lost.

Am I doing something stupid here? What can I do to troubleshoot? This is my first build based on NK1.0, and with this issue already, kind of starting to regret buying $400 worth of parts.

I’d focus on the usb device. Try another working system and if it boots fine, go from there. Do you have another computer/laptop you could try it on?

For unRAID create the usb manually instead of using their tool. Their tool seems to not work more than it works for people.

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Ok so seems like Mac OS is not the best OS for creating bootable images. I fired up a Windows 10 VM, and used Rufus and unraid USB creator and now all’s good.

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