Feedback on NAS transfer plan

Hey y’all, working on transferring data out of my white-box frankenserver and onto a proper NK4 I’m building, looking for some feedback on how I’m going to go about doing this. I’ve written up a small doc for myself to follow, anyone mind double checking it to see if I’m missing any important parts?

TL;DR “copy data to NAS, hook up Plex to NAS, remove original data sources, max downtime of like 30 minutes or so”

Operation Valkyrie

Objective: Transfer all data off RA41 white box to Urdarbrunnr NAS, with minimal downtime for Plex users.

Starting Information (As of 2019-07-26) :

  • 34.05TB of media on RA41
  • RA41 gains data at (an average of) 81.3GB per day.
    • This is realistically closer to 4.71GB per day (for shows alone) but we are considering worst case scenario.

Requirements of Urdarbrunnr

  • Hold RA41 data immediately
  • 3x10TB Had Drives
    • Expected final NAS+DAS to hold 30x10TB drives, I’m going to pre-allocate 2 for parity.
    • We can take 2x10TB and 2x8TB from RA41 to work with, giving 36TB of raw storage to work with.
      • That margin is small to require another 10TB drive

Plan of Action

  1. Assemble Urdarbrunnr (I’m covering my bases here)
  2. Begin data transfer between RA41 and Urdarbrunnr
    • This will take approximately 4 days (assuming no errors and 800Mbps consistent throughput)
    • Wait for low-user time before continuing
  3. Connect RA41 Plex instance to Urdarbrunnr, verify all files duplicated and are identical
    • Who doesn’t love a good python script to read through the DB?
  4. Verify transfer suceeded and data will show as ‘deleted’ properly
    • Shutdown RA41, unplug drive with least media on it
    • Online RA41 and verify data is only available on Urdarbrunnr
      • If not, panic determine better path to follow (since no data has been deleted)
      • Repeat Step 4 until verified.
  5. Remove drives from RA41 and delete unavailable content
    • Only remaining data at this point will be on Urdarbrunnr
  6. Remove references to removed drives from Plex
  7. Celebrate succesful transfer
  8. Drink heavily.
  9. Remember you have to take drives out of RA41 and add them to Urdrabrunnr
  10. Drink heavier.

Transfer to urda. Start new Plex instance here. Create identical libraries to R4. Share to users.
Turn off R4. Rsync any data missing.

Drink heavily.
Remove r4 from Plex account.